Governor French Academy is a coeducational college-preparatory school for students in Kindergarten Preparatory through grade 12.

About GFA

Since its inception in 1983, The Governor French Academy has developed its curriculum with a focus on its mission: successful preparation for college. Our goal is for students to be successful competitors in a global economy. Our curriculum is centered on basic skills of reading, writing, mathematics, science, social sciences and world languages at all grade levels. The foundation for success is an emphasis on traditional values of hard work and individual accomplishment.

Our guidepost for the continued development of our curriculum is the question: What do colleges really want?

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A Beautiful Mind

The Governor French Academy functions under the following premise: Every person is different. We all have strengths and weaknesses. That’s the way that life is –now let’s get to work.

We have students from the same intellectual range as the average, large public school; yet we are a small, private school.

We recognize that no school is the perfect place for everyone. But, if a student wants to improve himself or herself, and do the best that he or she can do –- then we’ll work with him or her.

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Healthy Competition

Many American parents are anxious that their children should experience “healthy competition” at school. While such a phrase sounds good, it is probably too simplistic a notion to be useful.

American students now face great competition from students around the world. American students are nowhere near the top of the standings on any ranking of academic skills. For years, we took solace in the achievements of our university students, but new studies have shown that the declines in American primary and secondary education have hit the college level as well.

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