Governor French Academy in Belleville, IL operates toward a simple goal and under a simple premise. The goal is the preparation of every student for college or college-level education. The premise is that such an education is best achieved by diagnosing what each student needs to achieve the goal and then adjusting that education as much as possible to the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. It is recognized that there are limits to such individualization, but without it, little of importance can be achieved among the highly individualized people that are American students.

Mission and Philosophy

Our mission at Governor French Academy is to prepare all of our students from the earliest levels of schooling for college or college-level education.

Faculty and Staff

Kim Powers — Head of School

Tess Schlesinger — Records

Mandy Burress
Laura Dean
Stacie Jordan
Catherine Kruse
Alassane Mbaye
Jim Meers
Tammy Powers
Jeffrey Redman
Carrie Smith
Laura Spilker
Christine Stewart
Phillip Paeltz  — Headmaster Emeritus